Drummer's Choice: The Sennheiser Urbanite Headphone Line

If you use public transportation like we do, you notice 2 prominent bookends in headphone choices -- the iPhone earbud and the multi-colored Beats by Dre. As drummers and as travelers, headphones are often the primary way we listen to our music, especially when we want pristine detail, crispness, and bass - and how we block out as much external noise as possible (sirens, airplanes, subways, is a crucial decision). The not-so-well-kept-secret about Beats by Dre headphones is they sort of suck.

Sennheiser has been the go-to brand of the recording professional and audiophile since 1945. New to their line, The Sennheiser Urbanite line is a superior choice, both in quality, style and value. Coming in around $140, these are far cheaper and way better quality than Beats by Dre. They fold up well, and offer enveloping bass, clear and crisp mids, and are extremely durable.