Get Small, Ya'll: DW Lightweight Hardware

In the 1980s and '90s, as rock became metal and hardware companies wanted to sell us more stuff, cymbal stands became over-engineered and really, really heavy. For any of us born into that time, the stands of the 1940s - 1960s seemed like toys. For any of us who live in cities, and who've had to move hardware up and down stairs, or lift absurdly heavy bags into vans can attest, there's a moment when you marvel at why this stuff weighs so much and what you're actually getting from all that weight? Stands that don't need to be double-brace, boom-stands you're rarely using to their full potential, etc. 

There's been a resurgence in lightweight hardware, and for those of us not playing metal, it holds up just fine, forces us to be more simple in our set-ups, and weights/costs 50-65% less. 

DW's DWCP6500 Ultra lightweight hi-hat stand weighs 5 lbs and costs $99, vs. 11 lbs and $249 for a DW 5000 hi-hat stand.