INVITE: Rhythm Guided Meditation

The blissed-out, focused, energizing effect of drumming is one of our artform's magical secrets. It's done by focusing your mind just enough on a rhythm so that your limbs can execute the command, but not so much that your brain's activity overwhelms the freedom your body needs to be expressive.

That same technique can be used to unlock the ultimate state of relaxation and focus that comes from meditating, and we're proud to announce the first public sessions of what we're calling Rhythm Guided Meditation.  

Join us for 1 of 2 small sessions on July 19 and 20
 at Shambhala Yoga & Dance Center in Crown Heights led by percussionist and music therapist April Centrone. Together we're going to explore the power of this technique, and we believe the results could be monumental, not just for drummers but for everyone. 

We're doing these introductory sessions for $15 and only 20 spots are available for each session so reserve yours now.

Tickets available here