The Beat Manifesto

Welcome to The Beat, a new company based in Brooklyn, NY. Our mission is to build a new, vibrant culture around drumming through community, experiential events & retail, and live music that highlights incredible percussion.

The Beat’s core values are based in participation, collaboration, and inclusiveness. Simply put, drums are meant to be hit, not sit on a shelf behind a counter. Drums are meant to be hit by multiple people at once, and they’re meant to be hit by any type of person who’s interested in doing so. We are drummers, and we’re part of a larger human lineage that includes both women and men, working drummers, and people using rhythm as a way to balance their lives and bodies. 

Drums have been around since the dawn of humans. They’ve been used as a powerful communication device, centerpiece of celebration, and meditative tool. In the 20th century, drums became wildly popularized through jazz and rock n’ roll. While this elevated and modernized drumming from that of an orchestral, military or tribal instrument, it also created a new, skewed perception of drumming and drummers: Aggressive, male, lacking in artistic merit, and a support-only role. 

The Beat’s mission is to to redefine what drums are and can be in modern culture. This means further breaking down the perception of drumming as a guy thing, optimizing opportunities for drummers in cities, creating spaces where drummers can gather, play, and share ideas, and introduce non-drummers to our art form through performances that highlight the percussionist. We want to remove drumming from its traditional context, whether that’s marching, orchestral, trap set, or tabla. I’ve yet to meet a drummer that doesn’t stop and appreciate a drummer from another musical world doing something incredible. Somehow along the way, we silo’d ourselves into strict environments. Traditional and specialty are great, but like in other areas of art, by blurring the lines, you open up huge new worlds of expressive, musical possibilities. 

In the coming months, we’ll share more of our many online and offline plans. In the meantime, if you’re a drummer with talents that can help our collective mission, if you like throwing events and building community -- if you take photographs, shoot video, do graphic design, write, do carpentry, get at us. We need you.

Nick Gordon

Co-Founder, The Beat