The BYOS Alphabet has transformed the language of drumming

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The genre-busting dynamic drum duo BYOS (Bring Your Own Style), comprised of Brooklyn, New York natives Ralph Nader & Harvey Thompson, have released one of the most ambitious and potentially transformative projects in the history of drumming: a translation of the 26-letter western alphabet into drum rudiments. 

In doing so, they created a form of communication that can be spoken and understood only by drummers. Perhaps not since morse code has language been documented and translated into rhythm, and using a term stolen by politicians this season, The BYOS Alphabet is a dog whistle, audible only by those who are intended to hear it. Impressively, rather than creating each letter as a stand alone entity, BYOS considered the common use of letters to form words, and integrated that into the rudiments themselves, allowing the letters to flow together when spelling out commonly used letter sequences like Th, fr, etc.

Like learning a traditional language, this is going to take time, practice, and frequent use. To get you started, The Beat in conjunction with BYOS and Promark are launching a contest. Learn to drum “The Beat” as Ralph does below. Upload it to Instagram tagging @thebeatnyc, with the hashtags #BYOSAlphabet #TheBeatBYOS.

Of the entries received by Dec 31, 2016 - 3 lucky drummers picked randomly will receive a pair of BYOS Signature sticks, a poster, and a t-shirt from The Beat.

See below for resources at your disposal:

Ralph showing you what The Beat looks like when drummed.

The individual tutorials for the individual letters (T, H, E, B, E, A, T).

Buy the BYOS Sticks here:

Start learning all of the rudiments here: