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About The Beat

For Drummers, by Drummers: The Beat NYC is the headquarters for the #DRUMMERSOFNY & comrade to drummers everywhere. 


The Beat was started in 2016 to elevate drum and percussion culture in New York City and provide a hub for the city's diverse percussive arts communities.  Currently, we're  an online-retailer that hosts regular events, including pop-up stores, live shows, spontaneous street corner drum jams, and more. 

Our mission is to support and grow the diverse drumming communities in New York through events that get drummers playing together, through experiential retail that allows players to try the newest in new percussion products, and by providing education that broadens the horizon of drummers.


The Dream:

A new paradigm for urban percussionists. A club house in Brooklyn with a world class drum shop, performance venue, and event programming that celebrates the art form of drumming. Let’s reverse the trend in New York of squashing the arts and instead, drum it up. We're currently raising funds to make this happen. 


We're a New Kind of Drumshop.

We're an independent percussion retailer and 100% focused on drums. No guitar pedals, no guitar players selling you drums. We're run by drummers who are committed to expert product knowledge, excellent customer service, and an anti-chain store shopping experience. We aim to carry to best drums and percussion instruments from a variety of large and boutique brands that are curated to serve your interests and needs. 


Free Shipping in the USA

If you live in one of the contiguous 48 states, we'll ship to you free. If you live outside the US, contact us at and we'll quote you a shipping price for any item. 


Customer Service that feels awesome

We’re drummers and shoppers too. We’ll treat you fairly, professionally, and kindly.


Expert Packing and Shipping

Drums are sacred to us, sacred to you. When you place an order we’ll hand pack it like a work of art and ship it to you carefully.


Our Values:

  • Our company values: We believe that drums should be sold by retailers owned and operated by drummers as a way to self-perpetuate our culture. We believe that good quality products cost real money, and we want everyone down the line from the drum maker to the drummer (as well as The Beat) to get a sustainable deal that will allow them to continue their role in our ecosystem.

  • Our consumer values: We hope you'll shop with us, but if you don't, buy drums from real drum shops, not mall stores or websites that sell "everything." By spending your money with drummers, you support and strengthen our community.  

    • Our human values: We value inclusive human culture that considers all people regardless of race, gender identification, age, nationality, & religion equal. The Beat is about drums, friends, and love and absolutely no exclusionary beliefs are welcome here.

    • Our environmental values: As drummers, a great majority of our products come from natural resources and are only as good as we are to the environment. As such, we value the protection of our planet from pollution, corruption, and short-term gains at the cost of long term health of our soil, water, and air.