A&F / Field Kit (Whiskey Maple) / 24"-16"-13"

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For the first time in a Whiskey Maple stain! Inspired by Levon Helm, A&F's Field Kit is made with their exclusive thin maple shell composition, no re-rings or inside edge, an outside reverse baseball bat edge, high wood hoops, and patented raw brass hardware.

Floor tom has snares on the bottom for a unique "Snom" effect. See pics of the throw below.

These drums are hand-made in Austin, TX, have incredible tuning range, and sound incredible. 

****Matching snare not included, though we carry 3 variations of the Field Snare: 5.5 x 14, 6.5 x 14 & 8.5 x 14****

* Please note A&F Drums are excluded from any site wide discounts.


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