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A&F / Raw Brass Snare / 3.5 x 15


Product Details

Handmade in Austin, TX, A&F's limited edition brass 3.5 x 15 snare with European Walnut hoops is a dank, fly, & funky 1970s Cadillac type of snare that's totally not the car to pick up the kids from school in. No, this is the snare you use when you've got one hand on the wheel and the other one around your honey, smoothed out on leather, bucket seats with a fat cigar dangling from your lips. Like all A&F brass snares, this beauty is remarkably versatile, full of character, but the walnut hoops produce a considerably warmer sound than their brass shell/brass hoops snares.  

* Please note A&F Drums are excluded from any site wide discounts.

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